11th August 2021

Proud to be awarded Investors in People’s Gold Award

We are extremely proud to announce that all of our team’s hard work has paid off, and we have been reaccredited the Investors in People’s ‘We Invest in People’ Gold Award.  

Recognised by 66 countries worldwide, this prestigious accreditation is a global benchmark for people management and indicates a company has the right blend of talent, motivation, and leadership.

According to Investors in People, 60% of accredited companies predict growth, and organisations that lead, support and improve their workforce are 17% more productive.

What does this award mean, and what does it show?


We have proven to uphold a company culture that promotes trust and effective communication; with every member of staff empowered to achieve their objectives.

Furthermore, this accreditation demonstrates that everyone, from every level of the company, upholds the company’s core values.


Investors in People have recognised our support system and acknowledged that our organisation motivates, supports, and rewards high performing employees.


The reaccreditation of this award identifies that we are a company still constantly looking to improve and innovate.

We will stay ahead of the curve, consistently look at sustainable solutions to our problems, and will look for ways to continually acquire and grow the right talent.

What does this mean for our clients?

We are a trusted, accredited company that ensures our workforce are highly passionate and motivated.

Additionally, we have demonstrated that we are an innovative company, that will consistently look to improve and expand.

Steve Evans, our Managing Director, said: “I am thrilled to announce that Premier Forecourts & Construction has been reaccredited with the Investors in People’s ‘We Invest in People’ Gold Award.” 

“Our valuable workforce is central to our success, and this accreditation shows that we continue to be dedicated to supporting, motivating and empowering them.”

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