19th January 2021

Award-winning ultra-fast EV charging installed by Premier Forecourts and Construction

Electric vehicles (EVs) are undoubtedly the future of motoring, so, here at Premier Forecourts and Construction, we’re very proud to announce that one of the sites we completed on behalf of our client bp has been named as the UK’s best EV charging destination.

Hammersmith flyover, bp’s flagship UK retail site – which the team at Premier worked on during 2019 – has been recognised as the country’s best place to charge an electric vehicle, winning ‘Charging Destination of the Year’ at the inaugural Electric Vehicle Innovation and Excellence Awards.

The innovative and award-winning project was started on the 5th of August and was completed on the 18th September 2019, with the Premier on-site team being led by Tyrone Evans.

The scope of work included the installation of an impressive four 150kW ultra-fast chargers, operated on the bp pulse network, as well as one 50kW rapid charger. When originally completed, the site was the first ultra-fast public charging hub in London, serving everyone from taxi drivers to Tesla owners.

The number of electric vehicles in the UK continues to grow, and more manufacturers have begun introducing next generation EVs with bigger battery capacity and fast charging times. This will inevitably mean that offering convenient and reliable ultra-fast charging facilities to drivers across the entire country will become essential in supporting this increased EV usage.

Steve Evans, our managing director, said:

“We’re very proud to have been instrumental in the installation of these cutting-edge, ultra-fast charging facilities at this innovative and award-winning project, which has now become one of our client bp’s flagship UK sites.”

“The move to electric vehicles is set to accelerate in the coming years, and sites like this pave the way for a more efficient, user-friendly and convenient way to utilise this more sustainable form of motoring – set to become the mainstream in the not-too-distant future.

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