Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Premier Forecourts and Construction Ltd regards the management of health and safety as an integral part of its
business and as such is seen as one of our Premier Values – Leading Safety. Health and Safety is a business value
which is integrated throughout all our operations. All our activities shall be carried out in a safe manner, in
accordance with legislation and will establish and evaluate as appropriate, processes and practices to ensure the
health, safety and welfare of our employees and of any other persons who may be affected by our activities.

Health and Safety Focus areas are to:

1. Promote the Premier Values of People First, Leading Safety and Solution Focused.
2. Promote leadership, communication, and engagement to improve workplace health and safety.
3. Make Health and Safety personal. Promote behavioural safety with a culture of actively caring (brother’s
keeper) and a no blame culture – if you see something, say something.
4. Embed the I Work Safe scheme and Stop Work authority throughout the business.
5. Promote the physical health, fitness and well-being of all staff including health hazards and that these are
suitably controlled to prevent harm.
6. Further develop IT processes (Premas1s and Alpha Safety Portal) to further enhance and improve the
management, efficiency, and communication on all aspects of health and safety whilst looking to reduce
our environmental impact.

If these focus areas are implemented effectively, they can contribute greatly to our goal of achieving a working
environment which is free of work-related accidents and ill-health. Individually we can all contribute to health and
safety through teamwork and together we can achieve Zero Accidents. All employees are encouraged to look out
for each other (actively caring/brother’s keeper).

Premier Forecourts and Construction Ltd shall protect our customer’s assets whilst working on their estate.

The Senior Management of Premier Forecourts and Construction recognise good effective management of health
and safety contributes to successful business performance. The Directors of Premier Forecourts and Construction
acknowledge their responsibility for successful implementation of the health and safety policy and for promoting
continuous improvement in line with our Premier Values.

This policy statement will be communicated to all employees and key stakeholders.

Steve Evans, Premier Forecourts and Construction Managing Director, June 2022