7th November 2022

Nicky celebrates his 10-year anniversary at Premier Forecourts and Construction

Site Manager, Nicky, has recently celebrated 10 years of service with us, having joined the company on October 8, 2012.

Before joining us, Nicky worked for a kitchen fitting company. This practical work developed many transferable skills and gave him the confidence to make the move across to work for us – building, installing, and improving the UK’s fuel stations.

The aspects Nicky enjoys most about his job are the support and camaraderie of his workmates and the opportunity to travel – particularly where it gives him the chance to see areas of the UK that he might not otherwise have visited.

Nicky explained: “I’ve always enjoyed driving and travelling, so this role is ideal as I get to see different parts of the country. This was especially true when I used to have to travel to Lochgilphead every three months! The staff I work with are all supportive and fun to be around.”

Over the past decade, Nicky has worked on projects covering nearly every corner of the UK. Though each project may have varied in the scope of the work covered, Nicky takes pride in them all: “All the projects bring their own satisfaction; to see them through from start to finish is great, and I love telling my fiancé about the work I’ve done. I would recommend this job to people who like to travel and don’t mind being away from home.”

Nicky sees the future of the industry as becoming increasingly focused on electric vehicle charging and potentially developing even more eco-friendly travel solutions, as he explained: “EV chargers are becoming more popular and a large part of our work. I would like to think there will be even more environmentally friendly ideas on the horizon which Premier Forecourts and Construction will be able to help install and implement.”

Nicky is generous in his praise for the support he has received from Premier Forecourts and Construction over the past 10 years: “Under the guidance of the Senior Management, I feel I have progressed and, hopefully, paid back their confidence in me. I would especially like to thank Steve Evans for all his support over the last 10 years.”

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