28th July 2020

Artelia’s Shell Britannia site safely completed

Here at Premier Forecourts and Construction, we are delighted to have completed another important project for a much-valued client Artelia at the Shell Britannia site in Anglesey, North Wales. 

The project, which started in March and was completed on July 14, included installing new dispensers, tank chambers and pipework. We also resurfaced all the tarmac, replaced the interceptor and drainage works, future-proofed the EV charging units, serviced the gauging and monitoring systems and completed the fit-out of a sales building. 

The project was complete on time, safely and without disruption, despite the challenging working environment caused by COVID-19. 

We implemented bespoke coronavirus site operating procedures to enable safe working conditions on the site. This ensured we were able to deliver the project quickly and efficiently whilst keeping our staff and the wider public safe.  

The project team also successfully overcame some other hurdles including managing disruption to our supply chain due to COVID-19 and overcoming the replacement of storage tanks that had been covered in poured concrete, making their removal far more difficult than anticipated.  

Despite these challenges, site manager Kevin Williams and contract manager Stuart Trew, supported by the Premier team, did an expert job in ensuring that the project was finished efficiently and to our extremely high standards. 

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