10th June 2021

Joe: 10-year anniversary

Valued and popular staff member Joe celebrates a decade with the company – a landmark for him and us.

Joe, a pipefitter and machine driver, started with us on the 23rd of May 2011, and is currently training to be a site manager. He first joined us as a pump engineer within the workshop in Roncol, following his previous career as a self-employed carpenter.

Finding innovative solutions is one thing Joe enjoys most about his role. He sees every job as a new challenge, and positively thrives on the fact that every site is different, with its own problems to solve.

As such, choosing the one project he is most proud of is difficult for Joe, as he takes pride in every job he undertakes – always aiming to improve on the last one.

He would absolutely recommend this as a career to others, as he explained:

“Yes, I would highly recommend it, although it can be hard work, you get a great deal of satisfaction when you resolve issues and complete a job,” he said. 

“I can still remember the very first day I came on site, working away in Grimsby and being grateful for the opportunity. I got the bug for this job from day one and haven’t looked back since.”

He notes that the past decade has seen dramatic changes in the way Premier Forecourts and Construction works, especially with the move to electric vehicles.

“The industry is evolving at a rapid pace, especially with the EV side of things, which I can see overtaking all fuel installs on retail sites. How that affects pipefitters I could not say, as there will still be a high demand for alteration and repair work,” Joe said.

We wish Joe a very happy anniversary, and continued success with his site manager training.

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