18th April 2024

Celebrating 5 years’ service: Jessica Thomas’s progression with Premier Forecourts and Construction

We are delighted to celebrate Jessica Thomas’s five-year milestone with Premier Forecourts and Construction, and commend her dedication, professional development, and unwavering commitment.

Jessica embarked on her journey with Premier Forecourts and Construction in February 2019, bringing her unique skills and passion to the team. Starting as a Procurement Assistant, Jessica’s journey within the company has been characterised by significant milestones and professional growth. In 2022, she earned a well-deserved promotion to Procurement Coordinator, reflecting her contributions and dedication to excellence.

Reflecting on her journey, Jessica said: “When I started this job, I had no previous experience in the construction industry. However, over the last 5 years, I am proud of how I have developed my knowledge, and I will continue to do so.”

Her dedication to continuous learning and adaptability has been instrumental in her success within the company. Despite starting with no prior experience, Jessica has embraced the challenges presented by the constantly evolving sector with enthusiasm and determination.

Beyond her professional achievements, Jessica cherishes the vibrant workplace environment and the relationships she has cultivated with her colleagues. “The people, the workplace environment, and the difficulties presented by a constantly evolving sector are all appealing to me,” she said, highlighting the camaraderie and sense of purpose that define her experience at Premier Forecourts and Construction.

As she reflects on her memories from the past five years, Jessica shares with a hint of humour, “I have a lot of fond memories; most consist of me embarrassing myself, so no comment.” Her ability to find humour in the challenges underscores her resilience and positive outlook.

When asked if she would recommend her profession, Jessica’s answer is affirmative. “Yes, I suggest it if you appreciate a challenge and want a profession where you can advance,” she said.

Looking ahead, Jessica envisions continued growth and innovation within the industry, particularly with the rising use of renewable energy. “We have installed a significant number of EV chargers in the last five years, so I would expect the use of renewable energy to continue to rise,” she predicts, highlighting the company’s commitment to sustainability and future-forward initiatives.

Jessica also expresses her gratitude to Premier Forecourts and Construction for providing a supportive environment conducive to her growth and success. “I am proud of my progression over the last 5 years,” she concludes, embodying the spirit of dedication and resilience that defines her tenure with the company.

Congratulations on reaching your 5-year anniversary milestone with us, Jessica, and we hope for many more to come.

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