10th September 2020

Updating our values – and the detail underpinning them

Here at Premier Forecourts and Construction, we are delighted to unveil our rebranded set of company values. They will form an essential part of our aims and objectives going forward and integrate with our brand.

Our three values going forward are: People First, Leading Safety and Solution Focused.

Steve Evans, our Managing Director, said: “Our first value of putting People First stems from the value we place in our and their wellbeing. We believe in them individual, and as a team; we want them to succeed because when they do, we do.

“Secondly, our health and safety philosophy sets us apart from our competitors. We empower our people to lead the way and provide them with the process, knowledge, tools and equipment they need to keep them safe. 

“Finally, we are committed to providing solutions by listening and through innovative thinking.  We sustain the business and the region with local employment, training & development and a mindfulness of our social and corporate responsibility.”

The success of each of our values is based on six elements, each of which plays an important part in ensuring the success of that part of the strategy. The six pillars of each part of our strategy are as follows:

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