18th November 2021

Gus celebrates 20 years at Premier Forecourts and Construction

Angus, more affectionately referred to as Gus, is celebrating two decades of working for Premier.

Gus joined us back in October 2001 as a labourer and over the years, has worked his way through Foreman and Site Manager, he is currently team leader – sharing his knowledge and experience across the workforce and supervising client works with his SMSTS qualification, that he achieved during 2020, this is a valuable role which Gus has held for the past 6 years.

With a name like Angus, you might expect a Scottish accent when you talk to him; but though born in Edinburgh, Gus moved to Swansea over 27 years ago and has lost any Scottish burr he may have had all those years ago.

Before joining Premier, Gus worked as a general labourer for several firms. Over his 20 years with us, Gus has seen the company adapt and develop. He says that he is particularly happy with the company’s current set-up and is enthusiastic about the direction it is going in, a project that particularly sticks in Gus’s mind as something he is proud of is the Esso Synergy project, which had sites all over the country and ran for over four years.

The aspects of the job Gus enjoys the most are the camaraderie of working with his colleagues, and the different people he gets to meet through his work. Over his two decades at Premier Forecourts and Construction, his work has seen him travel extensively to different parts of the UK, allowing him to visit many locations he would never have been otherwise and meet a wide variety of people.

Gus explained:

“Travelling is something I enjoy about the job – most of the time, and that’s just as well, because we’re often on the road for 10 months of the year. You get to see different parts of the country – Wales, England and Scotland – and meet lots of different people along the way.”

Gus also says that the way the company is evolving and adapting in line with global initiatives such as working on EV charging facilities keeps the job interesting for him. He explained:

“We’re doing a lot more EV charging projects, which is something different from the work we’ve done in previous years. This is definitely the way the world is moving and it’s great that Premier is adapting to this. It also keeps things interesting for us doing the work.”

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